It’s been 14 days! 14 days since I last had sex with my husband. I just don’t understand why he won’t have sex with me. I am so horny and my pussy is so wet. Isn’t he horny too? My husband is physically fit and has a big dick. I know for a fact it’s not a medical problem; his dick gets hard as soon as he drifts off to sleep. Sometimes I catch him looking at porn on the Internet therefore I know without a shadow of a doubt that he is a man that loves sex as much as I do but for some reason he won’t have sex with me. It is so frustrating. I just don’t know what to do. I remember when we first met our sex was explosive. I remember one time when he had gone out of town for the weekend with his boys. I spent the weekend with my girl at her house because him and I were still just dating and I was in the mood for some freaky fun with my girl. The funny thing is him and I talked on the phone to one another all Saturday night probably until about 1 o’clock in the morning. At 7 in the morning, no lie here, he called me and said to me in a very authoritative voice, “bring your ass home. I’m at your apartment waiting on you with a hard dick and I am ready to beat up some pussy.”  He continued to call me every 10 minutes until I got to my apartment. Once I got there he led me straight to the bed. He removed all of my clothing with haste. My pussy was so wet and throbbing that I felt like I was about to explode. The sensations in my body were uncontrollable. I love when a man is forceful with me during sex and tells me what he likes. It turns me on so much. And this particular day my now husband than just fuck partner was in a rare mood. He had drove all night long with his friend just so he could get home and fuck me. Or so he said as he was ramming his hard and throbbing 9.5 inch dick inside of my tight wet pussy. Oh thinking about that day so many years ago makes my pussy throb with longing. I miss those days of him ramming his dick into my pussy at anytime at any place. Now it’s always he’s too tired or he’s not in the mood or his muscles are too sore. He always has some excuse. I know you are probably saying to yourself – I’m sure she’s gained weight or spends too much time with the kids. But my husband and I have no children in our household and I have actually lost 20 lbs since we have been married so both of those excuses are out. We are young, in our early thirties so it is extremely frustrating to me that I can’t figure out why he won’t fuck me like I want and need to be fucked. I masturbate three or four times a day. Is that normal? I am constantly thinking about past lovers and past escapades. Is this wrong? And when we do have sex there is no passion, no energy. It’s almost like a chore. It’s like he does it out of basic need. Like he needs to bust a nut in some pussy (any pussy will do) or my mouth which his preferred method of release. But there’s no passion, no sense of urgency or excitement. In order to get my pussy wet I find myself again thinking about past lovers. Is this wrong? Does this make me a slut? Am I the only woman in the world who has these feelings? At this point I don’t know what to do but I am very tempted to cheat. But I don’t want to cheat. I love my husband very much and wouldn’t trade him for the world. I know no man out there is going to love me like my husband loves me, which he does, not just sexually. But I can not tamper down the feelings of hot molten lust that are bubbling up inside of me. I want to have some raw, bitch I don’t want to know your name but I just want to fuck the shit out of you, type of sex. What shall I do? Should I succumb to my baser animal instincts or should I try to do more to make my husband desire me again?