I can’t believe I am sitting in this laundromat by myself at midnight on a Saturday morning instead of laying in bed in between my Egyptian Cotton sheets. Furthermore instead of hanging out at the bar with his boys my husband should be at the laundromat with me. At this moment I am so pissed with him that to think about it brings tears to my eyes. Why are men so insensitive? Why didn’t he ask me if I wanted to go out? He knows I don’t go out often and I am always asking him to do things with me but he blows me off. He’s too tired or he has too much work to do. But when his boys ask him out he is always available. That shit really gets on my nerves. Umph. Well, no use in continuing to think about it. I am here now so I might as well play Pac-Man and wait for my clothes to finish washing so I can put them in the dryer.

15 minutes later. Damn!  A very sexy man has just walked into the laundromat. I hope he isn’t a serial rapist or killer. I should stop staring at him before he thinks I am crazy. Did he come alone? I hope he did. Well let me put my clothes in the dryer. Done. Damn, just looking at him got me biting my lower lip. I feel my pussy throbbing and my panties are getting wet. After almost a month with no sex from my husband I am willing to give it up to anybody at this point. I wish I had on a hoochie skirt, something that would make him want to fuck me the way that I want to fuck him. I need to erase these lascivious thoughts from my mind immediately. Is that his dick print? His pants are too tight if I can see his dick print. Am I still looking at his dick print? Oh shit, stop it!

Damn if I could just rub it just to see if he is worth my time. He could bend me over that orange chair sitting out of view behind the washing machine. There goes a condom machine. We could, “excuse me, what.” “Do you have change for a dollar?” “Are you married?,” I asked for no particular reason. “Ma’am I just want change for a dollar, the change machine is either old or broken but it’s useless and I need change to wash my clothes.” “Well what are you willing to do for the change? I mean how much is it worth to you?” “What do you have in mind?” Should I say what I am thinking? Quick make a decision it’s either here and now or nowhere and never. “Follow me.”

This chair will make a nice spot indeed. “I want to fuck you. Take your dick out and put this condom on.” He is complying nicely. Ooh he is already hard, it’s long and thick. Look at that big vein just pulsing. He is just as turned on as I am. Oh my gosh I am really about to fuck a nameless stranger in the laundry mat around the corner from my house. Damn I am so wet. He is digging his nails into the skin on my ass. I bet that is going to leave a mark but I don’t care. I love doggystyle, it’s opens the pussy so I can feel every inch of this thick dick. “Fuck me harder, fuck me like the slut I am.” “Bitch you got some good pussy.” Yes, yes keep fucking me hard, pound that big juicy dick into my tight pussy. This feels so good. I am cumming, ugh, it is so intense. Why am I shaking so hard? He’s coming too, his strokes are harder, faster, he is making me cum again. Beep. My clothes have finished drying; right on time.

This bath feels so good. My body is still humming. I can’t believe I just cheated on my husband with some random man. I don’t know what overcame me. How could I let my fantasy become a reality. This is all my husband’s fault right? He put me in this position by not fulfilling his husbandly duties. I can’t help but to touch my clit and massage it even now. I am still horny, pussy still wet. What will I do next?