I am feeling some kind of way today. My pussy is wet but it is lacking a big dick to dry it up.  My husband is still not fulfilling my lustful desires and each day I keep thinking about having one night stands with different men.

Why do men think when women tell them how they liked to be fucked that we are complaining? I don’t expect you to know what makes me tick. That is a skill that needs to be learned like every other skill especially in a long term relationship.

I think that is why I prefer one night stands. Most of the time they are good because I am feeling the man and he is feeling me for that one moment in time and he is gonna give me his best. Once a man has been with a woman for a long time he stops giving his best. Why is that? It’s your best that caught me in the first place so why wouldn’t you continue to give me that?

I’ve been thinking of divorcing my husband lately. A girlfriend of mine told me that I shouldn’t give up my marriage just because my husband is unwilling to fulfill me in the bedroom. But to me sex is such a big part of my life. When I try to tell him what gets me off, he catches an attitude and tells me that I am complaining and he doesn’t want to talk about it. This kind of attitude makes me keep everything I am feeling bottled up and this attitude is what makes me feel less guilty about cheating on him.

I don’t think no let me rephrase I know that you do not have to be in love to have great sex. But when you are in love shouldn’t the sex be better not worse? My husband and I were having the problem that he wasn’t having sex with me enough but now we are having sex on a much more regular basis but now I am unable to come to climax. It is so frustrating to me as I have always been a hard climaxer and a regular squirter. With my  husband I have never squirted and my climaxes are far and few nowadays.

My husband and I lack the carnal passion that gets me off. Lust and passion are my drugs. I like for a man to tell me how he can’t wait to fuck me. How he gets off on eating my pussy and seeing me squirm or hearing me moan. All my husband ever says is come and suck my dick and then after I begrudgingly do it, he tries to put his dick in my dry pussy. No words of passion, no foreplay for me. I suppose he thinks sucking his dick should get my pussy wet. I say what the fuck ever! And when I try and talk with him about it, he just shuts down. I wonder sometimes has he always been like this or if it is just with me. I can’t imagine he has always been such a selfish lover but on the other hand he does have a rather selfish personality so maybe he has. But I am at a point where I need more. I crave more everyday. I think about past lovers and get myself off, it shouldn’t have to come to that should it? Shouldn’t I be able to openly and honestly communicate with my husband about the things that make me tick?

I am feeling some kind of way today and I feel another cheating spell coming on. I have been good for months but now my pussy is craving for something more. Actually my energy is craving something more. What will I do next or a better question, who will I do next?