It’s getting worse now. It’s been five months since my husband and I have had sex. We barely touch each other and we may peck each other on the lips maybe once a week or so. But nothing more intimate than that.

Since my last post we have had a child, I know you are thinking how did she manage to do that. Is the baby his?
Yes, the baby is his and we managed it because he was drunk. Let me explain.

It was labor day weekend. We found ourselves unusually happy because things in our lives were looking up. So we invited some friends over for an impromptu party. My husband loves to entertain and entertaining makes him exceptionally happy. So we cooked out, played cards, danced, got drunk, and had a really nice time with our friends.

At the end of the night we were both inebriated and my husband found himself to be extremely horny. I think when he is drunk I look like a glass of ice cold water to a man stranded in the desert. So he jumped my bones. I mean he actually took the time to get me there.

He ate my pussy, something he rarely does and he sucked on my breast. He even fingered me and I love to be fingered. He didn’t kiss me though which was ok because truth be told I don’t really like the way he kisses and he won’t let me teach him how to kiss. But that is just a minor infraction. The show stopper was his big hard dick. It stayed hard through the entire interlude which lasted for at least two hours because he came twice and we took a lot of oral breaks. My husband loves to have his dick sucked. I mentioned in my post self preservation my husband is quite satisfied with having his dick sucked and no sex. I wouldn’t mind sucking his dick all the time but he doesn’t cum when I suck his dick. So after a while I get bored. There is no end to the act, it is just continual dick sucking all night long.  But I am digressing. So sometime during that wonderfully passion filled night of unabated sex I got pregnant.

Even though they say pregnant pussy is the best pussy, if I remember correctly my husband and I had sex only 3 or 4 times throughout the pregnancy. Which was actually ok with me because my sex drive was very low while I was pregnant. I was very surprised to find it so because I am such a sex kitten and I am always in the mood for some hot steamy sex.

Well it’s been over a year since my child was born and the sex has definitely become less and less frequent. I am finding that I won’t even try to make myself look attractive for him anymore. We don’t have date nights or do anything fun. He generally hides away in his computer room while me and our child do our own thing. I wonder if he has found some kind of fling on the Internet. I have heard stories of men being addicted to sex chat rooms and things of that nature. I remember early on in our marriage that was a real big problem for us, one that really never got addressed.

As with all my other post, I am lonely and VERY sexually frustrated but now I don’t even have the time to cheat. I don’t have a standby babysitter and my husband doesn’t think I should have any alone time. What am I to do?