Hello there: I decided to change things up with this story. So far my stories have been about my experiences as a wife but this story is before I was married or even thought about being married. This story is about awakening my inner freak. Hope you enjoy.

It was 1995, I had just turned 18 years old and I was in my freshman year at college. My best friend from high school, Sheila, and I were roommates and came home together for the Christmas break. Neither one of us had a car so we were still depending on men to take us around. She was dating a guy name Fitz and he had a car so he picked us both up from her house. We went out to the clubs downtown, at that time my city had a very hopping club scene, so we stayed out most of the night. While at the club he purchased drinks for us so by the time he dropped my friend off we all were buzzing and feeling good.

One would think that since he was dating my friend Sheila he would have taken me home first but instead he took her home first which at the time didn’t bother me or make me have menacing thoughts. However, once we were alone together in his car he told me that he didn’t really find my friend attractive and they weren’t seriously dating but he was really attracted to me and wanted to take me back to his apartment. Before I could object he was already on his way to his apartment. I don’t know exactly how old he was at this time but I know he was at least 21. The funny thing about this situation is that I wasn’t exactly attracted to him and I kinda felt guilty that we were sneaking behind my friend’s back. I had a history of my friends’ boyfriends trying to fuck me and I was tired of fending off my friends’ boyfriends so I really didn’t want to go but since he was driving and we were now at his apartment I didn’t have much of a choice.

It was at this moment that my survival mode kicked in and I became a little scared but I didn’t show it and went with the flow. As we stepped into his apartment, there his roommate sat on the couch. He introduced us and I was immediately attracted to Fitz’s roommate and felt a sexual attraction to him.

I was still resistant to Fitz’s advances and tried to strike up a conversation with his roommate who to my dismay didn’t seem to be attracted to me. So I allowed Fitz to take me upstairs but hesitated on the stairway and told Fitz to take me home. Fitz being the typical male kept trying to convince me to give him a chance. He started kissing me on the stairway and he was a very good kisser. He had full lips and I love a man with full lips. I felt myself slowly giving in to Fitz’s freaky words of enticement and allowed him to unbutton my pants. When he stuck his fingers into my pussy I was shocked to discover that I was already wet. He had long slim fingers and began stroking one and then two fingers in and out of my pussy. I love being fingered and began to moan. To my dismay I allowed him to lead me up to the bedroom but I wasn’t ready to quite give in and kept trying to tell him to stop.

He laid me on the bed with my head at the foot of the bed and climbed on top of me. He began to kiss me again and since I liked the way he kissed I kissed him back. I felt him go under my shirt and under my bra to play with my DD breasts. He pulled up my shirt and didn’t bother to take off my bra but pulled it up so that my breasts were fully exposed to him. He pulled down my pants and my panties to my knees and stuck his fingers inside of me while sucking on my nipples. My pussy was wet and although my body was aroused by mind was still telling me to stop this at once. All of a sudden I heard a noise at the door. My head was turned away from the door and when I tried to turn my head towards the door to see what was going on Fitz prevented me. He then took my pants and panties completely off and begin to eat my pussy. His big full lips felt so good on my clit. While Fitz was distracted sucking and licking on my clit and fingering me I was now able to turn my head towards the door. When I did I saw his roommate standing at the door jacking his dick. At this point neither of them knew I had seen his friend. Instead of being revolted I became even more aroused. I thought to myself if Fitz’s roommate wants a show I will give him a show. I begin pumping my hips up and down and grabbing Fitz’s head pressing it further down into my pussy while I moaned loudly and seductively. At some point Fitz had removed his pants and had positioned his dick at my face in an attempt to get me to suck it but I didn’t want to suck his dick so he turned me over and put me in doggy style slipped on the condom and entered my wet pussy. His friend was still standing at the door jacking his dick. It was turning me on that he was watching us, watching me. I put my head down on my hands and begin moving my hips back meeting Fitz stroke for stroke. All of a sudden I felt a pair of hands on the side of my head lifting up my face and there at eye level was his roommate’s dick hard, throbbing, and ready for me to suck and suck it I did. I was so turned on and Fitz must have been too because he began fucking me harder and I loved every minute of it. I allowed his friend to fuck me in the mouth. He fucked my mouth hard shoving his long and thick dick to the back of my throat. I came so many times I stopped counting after the third time. I felt Fitz’s strokes becoming more frantic indicating that he was about to cum. Fitz came in my pussy the same time his friend came into my mouth and like the little slut I didn’t know at that time I would become I swallowed all of his cum.